A selection of you surveyed!

By Umar Farooq

The results are in. 20 very kind people and video journalism enthusiasts (I’m guessing) took part in my “Online News Video Watchers Survey” published on 13th Feb. The aim was to get to know:

1) Our audience, and…

2) …their viewing habits

The raw data

The facts and figures from the Video Watchers Survey (in their raw form)

So what can we conclude…

A fascinating set of results. From the research, based on the short sample, I think the following findings are interesting.

  • An internet-savvy young audience: 85% are aged between 16-25. 70% watch news content online everyday or 3 to 4 times a week.
  • Video-sharing websites are only a part of your online news video watching experience: Just over half watch under 30% of their news content on video sharing sites. Furthermore, majority of this content comes from broadcast news providers (The majority watch over 70% of their online news content from broadcast companies) which shows that people trust conventional media with their news, even if it’s online.
  • The BBC’s YouTube channel is the most popular among you for news content with 53%. Interestingly, the BBC World News channel has been removed from YouTube. Sky News was chosen by 21%, Al-Jazeera and CNN were tied on 11%. Surprisingly, only one person selected ITN News which has one of the best online news channels.
  • Finally, many of you still prefer watching online news on your PC/Laptop in this day and age of the smart-phones and tablets. 80% choosing PC/Laptop.

A big thank you to all the entrants who took part in this short experiment. I think the results point to habits of a modern-day video journalist. The details are interesting and I shall leave you with them.

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Thank you!


Online News Video Watchers’ Survey

By Umar Farooq

A key component of video journalism online is understanding your audience. This is because the online world epitomises the modern day bilateral relationship between the writer and reader, the publisher and consumer or the journalist and the audience. In my last post, I briefly touched on producing content catered towards the needs of a certain audience. However, the first step is always about getting to know your audience. This blog, for example is aimed at a number of different groups including video journalists or video journalism enthusiasts, online video watchers and the social media and tech savvy.

YouTube 'Insight,' comprehensive analysis of video viewing statistics.

My short experimental survey (8 questions) has been designed to help us understand some of the your online news video watching habits. The questions relate to news channels and video-specific websites.  If you’ve got any questions about this, feel free to get in touch via twitter @UmarOnline / @videojournos or e-mail videojournalismonline@yahoo.com. The results will be analysed in future posts.

Click HERE to take part in the Online News Video Watchers Survey.

Thank you for your time.

* The links in this post can be accessed and shared on the VJO delicious page.