About VJO

Video journalism online - an essential tool for today's media organisations

Video Journalism Online is an investigative and interactive blog about the use of video journalism on the internet.

We are here to explore the developments within this exciting media platform and conduct our very own experiments on this ever-changing dynamic.

The phenomenon of video journalism online has grown tenfold in the last 5 years. From broadcasting companies like BBC and Sky to online video websites like Youtube and DailyMotion, the change has been of a seismic nature.

So where is video journalism heading on the web? How can media companies (both print and broadcast) improve their online video content to provide a better service? Will more idiosyncratic forms of vlogging topple conventional package-making? And to what extent can broadcast companies continue to rely on citizen journalism to provide us with news?

As part of our investigation, we’ll be speaking to video journalism experts and pundits on the rapid rise in use of video content online. We’ll also be focusing on developments in the different branches of video journalism online, including

  • Citizen journalism
  • Video journalism embedded on newspapers’ websites
  • Video content on broadcast news websites
  • Websites specifically dedicated to video journalism
  • Vodcasts and vlogging
  • The relationship between TV and Online video journalism
  • The future of video journalism online

As always, we look forward to input from video journalists, video journalism enthusiasts and those with a keen interest in video technology. Comments on key discussion topics are welcomed and we’re keen to share our analysis on the future of video journalism with you all.

Toby Coaker, Emily Craig, Chris Creegan, Ross Cullen, Alex Dibble, Umar Farooq and Phil Georgiadis are bloggers studying MA Broadcast Journalism at City University, London.

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