The Sky News iPad App- First Look

By Phil Georgiadis

Well they do like to be ‘First’, and a day early the Sky News Ipad App is out and available to download.

Its streams the main Sky News channel live, in line with the website and iPhone app. You can also rewind and pause the live channel- rather like Sky Plus.

But the really interesting thing about the App is the way it lets the user choose the news through video content.

Last night Sky’s Political Editor Adam Boulton held a preview session for tech bloggers in Sky’s Westminster newsroom, and the general consensus seems to be overwhelmingly positive.

The Random Mel blog has uploaded a video here of Adam Boulton showing the app off.

It’s interesting to note that the blogger says that she believes that the app ‘will revolutionise the shape of our news consumption going forwards’, echoing up Sky’s promotional publicity.

But why is this such a potentially important step forward?

Clearly as befits the nature of the Ipad, the App is very video heavy- that’s visible from the screengrabs and demos available. But crucially Adam Boulton says that the way that the interface is designed allows you to essentially build your own news bulletin, with related video appearing immediately along side content being viewed.

This backs up my preview post yesterday, which suggested that it turns the user into a vision mixer, directing online video content so as to make bespoke and individual news programming.

Sky have an editorial team of fourteen people working full time on the App, so clearly it is something they have heavily invested in and expect big things from.

At the moment it is free to all users, but in the future they say they plan to charge non Sky subscribers to use the App.

If you have the App leave a comment and let us know what you think of the App. Revolutionary or style over substance?

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