The Video Sharing Opportunity

As of 6th February 2011, Channel 4 on YouTube has 1168 subscribers.

By Umar Farooq

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of video-sharing websites that have cropped up on the internet in the last 5 years. Apart from the well-known YouTube and DailyMotion, this list ranks many others less familiar websites based on Alexa and Google page ranking. The diversity in content is incredible and there is something for everyone.

What does this mean?

The increase in options brings opportunities. For any aspiring journalist who can pick up a camera, the opportunities for sharing content are undoubtedly greater. Similarly, in the online world, broadcast news providers are now able to circulate their content to a wider audience which chooses when it wants to watch the content.

The increase in options has also seen diversity in content. Everyone has a unique way of telling stories and the online world allows people to express themselves in different ways.

An example

Take YouTube, on the ‘News and Politics’ channel page, you will see regional, national and international video channels. From Sky News, ITN News and Channel 4 News to NHS TV, Liverpool Daily Post and Algerian United. There are serious news channels and  spoof ones, all delivering journalism of one sort or another. We see news reports (packages), longer form film, vodcasts and vlogs (types of video journalism) catering for a diverse audience.

My focus, in a number of future posts will be to consider how video journalism has developed online. I will ask, how are we using video-sharing websites to circulate journalistic content online and how are broadcast news providers distinguishing their content from other individuals?

For now, I leave you with this. With nearly 10 million views, the video of an Indonesian baby smoking 40 cigarettes a day is one of the most viewed news videos online. Consider how this ITN news report, just over 1 minute in duration has been edited for online viewing. It is short enough to make sure you keep watching and detailed enough to tell you the story. It caters for the online audience.

* The links in this post can be accessed and shared on the VJO delicious page.

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